Limiting New Cases

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the issue and have come to the conclusion that my firm’s resources are just about fully extended. Therefore, I’m suspending taking on most new cases on behalf of employees, at least until I can be confident that there will be enough availability of my time and my firm’s capacity to take on a new matter.

There are three categories of new matters I’m still eager to look at.

First, if you are an attorney who wants to make a referral to me, I’m very happy to talk with you. I’ve been flattered by the confidence of several of my colleagues in trusting me with their clients in the past, and continue to be so. Please feel free to shoot me an e-mail or pick up the phone and we can have a chat about what’s going on and my ability to help out.

Second, employers who want to hire me to assist with matters should feel free to contact me. It’s my impression that when I’m helping an employer, I’m also helping all of the employees of that employer, so the ability to assist and advise so many people at the same time is an opportunity I can’t and don’t want to pass up.

Third, I will advise recently terminated people in evaluating and responding to severance proposals made by their former employers. These are situations that often require fast responses, and the nature of the work is such that I believe I can incorporate that and still treat my existing docket of cases fairly. I describe the fees and terms associated with that service here.

Limiting new case intake is a painful decision for me; I created this firm to help people in need and I want to fulfill that mission. Taking this step is one that I do with gravity and the great hopes that it will be temporary. Please continue to check back here for updates and changes to my policy. In the meantime, thank you for understanding that I want to make sure my firm delivers quality services to all of its clients.